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What are the wooden beehive wood?

September 24, 2021

Latest company news about What are the wooden beehive wood?

What are the wooden beehive wood?

Bee colonies are kept outdoors all year round. The hives have to withstand the sun and rain for a long time. The hives that are transferred to the ground must be moved, nailed, and collided frequently. Therefore, the hives are required to be strong and durable. The beehive must be made of wood that is sturdy, durable, light, not easy to be deformed, has a wide board surface, and has good thermal insulation properties. Avoid using hard miscellaneous wood that has a strong smell and is easy to deform and crack. In the north, white pine, red pine, paulownia, and general wood are better; in the south, fir can be used. Before making, the wood should be fully air-dried or dried

latest company news about What are the wooden beehive wood?  0

What are the basic requirements for making beehive lures?

(1) The wood used for making beehives should be made of wood that is strong and durable, yet light in weight, and not easily deformed or cracked.

(2) The four walls of the box body should preferably be made of a whole piece of wood. If you use smaller wooden boards for splicing, it is better to use convex and concave surfaces or staggered splicing at the splicing place. When the former is adopted, the convex board is placed on the bottom and the concave board is placed on the top; when the latter is adopted. The upper board should be made into noodles. So as not to rain for a long time, the rainwater leaks into the box body, which affects the service life.

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