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Ten Benefits of Bee Feeding Dry Sugar

October 22, 2021

Latest company news about Ten Benefits of Bee Feeding Dry Sugar

Ten Benefits of Bee Feeding Dry Sugar


1. Prevent the occurrence of stolen bees


  Stealing bees refers to worker bees that steal honey from other hives. They generally occur in seasons when external sources of nectar are scarce or unsuitable for collection. In particular, bees raised in fixed-point colonies are more prone to bee stealing. Feeding the colony with dry sugar is equivalent to feeding. As far as syrup is concerned, it is not easy to induce thieves.

2. Stop bee stealing


  The main targets of thief bees are generally weak bee colonies such as lost kings and copulation groups. They will never stop stealing honey from the weak colony, but as long as they insist on feeding dry sugar, wait for the thief bees to store the honey in the hive. After the theft, the pirate nature will gradually weaken, and eventually the pirate will stop.

3. Conducive to bee colony reproduction


  Feeding dry sugar to bees is more conducive to colony reproduction. The reason is that feeding syrup can easily induce robbing bees. It is difficult for the colony to develop quietly under the infestation of robbing bees. However, feeding dry sugar is relatively less prone to robbing bees and queen bees. It can lay eggs at ease and the bee colony reproduces quickly.

4. prevent the spread of bee diseases


  Stealing bees is the main way for bee pests to spread between bee colonies. Feeding dry sugar to bee colonies can prevent bee stealing and stop bee stealing. At the same time, it can enhance the resistance of weak bee colonies to diseases and insect pests, which can effectively prevent them. Pests and diseases spread between bee colonies.

5. Reducing the burden of management


  To feed syrup, the sugar should be made into syrup first, and then put into the feeder for the bee colony to feed. However, feeding dry white sugar is not so troublesome. You only need to put the dry white sugar into the feeder. Feeding can be fed by bees for 5-7 days, about once a week.


6.do not frequently check bees


  Feeding the bee colony with syrup should always check the colony. For example, feeding the syrup in the low temperature season can easily freeze the bees to death, while feeding the dry sugar does not need to check the colony frequently, and there is no need to worry about starving the bees to death due to the lack of feed in the nest. , Just add dry sugar regularly.


7. No waste of feed


  Bees don’t waste their feed when they feed dry sugar. They can generally be eaten up by bees. Feeding sugar syrup will be more or less wasteful. When eating syrup, the legs are often stained with syrup.


8. High mating success rate


  The mating colony is the bee colony for the new queen bee to temporarily live during the copulation period. The colony of this type of bee is often very small and prone to bee robbery. Feeding dry sugar to the mating colony is relatively less susceptible to the infestation of bee robbers. , This is extremely beneficial to the new queen bee marriage.


9.it is not easy to lack queen bee


  Beekeeping is most afraid of the lack of kings, but it is common for queen bees to die old, die from disease, be killed by enemies, and be surrounded by worker bees. The success rate of new queen bee mating in the dry sugar mating group is high, which can ensure that the apiary always has Enough preparation of the queen bee so that there is no need to worry about the lack of queen bee. 10. Rescue the weak bee colony

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