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How to prevent the queen bee from escaping?

October 9, 2021

How to prevent the queen bee from escaping?

1. Security escape film


  The anti-escape sheet is a kind of beekeeping tool used to install at the door of the beehive nest. It is designed according to the characteristics that the queen bee will be larger than the worker bees after the birth. The queen bee cannot escape from the hive due to its size. It is worth noting that the anti-escape sheet corresponding to the bee species should be installed.

2. the king cage prisoner


  The king cage is a beekeeping tool used to imprison the queen bee in the colony. It is designed according to the feature that the queen bee will be larger than the worker bee after the birth. When the queen bee is imprisoned in the king cage, the queen bee cannot come out , But worker bees can enter the king's cage through the fence of the king's cage to take care of the queen bee. Compared with anti-escape films, using the king's cage will restrict the queen bee's egg laying, so the king's cage is mostly used to introduce the king and merge the colony.

3. the queen bee cuts wings


  Cutting off the queen bee’s wings is the most extreme method to prevent the queen bee from escaping. It refers to artificially making the queen bee lose the ability to fly to prevent the queen bee from escaping. Although this method is practical, it is only suitable for use in very emergency situations. The winged queen bee is not conducive to the long-term development of the colony, and the “ruling” of this queen bee is very easy to be “overthrown” by the worker bees, and the new queen should be intervened in time after the colony is stabilized.

4. destroy the king's platform


  One of the main reasons for the queen bee’s escape is the natural splitting of the colony. During the splitting, the old queen will lead some worker bees to run out of the nest to find another nest site. Therefore, beekeepers should check the colony regularly and find out that the queen bee splits up in time. Destroying, but destroying the queen bee tower is a temporary solution but not a permanent cure. This requires beekeepers to find the cause of the bee colony, such as aging queen bee, too large colony, and too small beehive.




  This article only briefly introduces measures to prevent queen bees from escaping, but if you want to solve the problem fundamentally, you have to find the reasons for the queen bee’s escape, such as poor beekeeping environment, insufficient bee colony stock, long-term natural enemy infestation, serious bee colony diseases, etc. Will cause the swarm to escape!

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