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How To Lure The Queen Bee?

September 7, 2021

Latest company news about How To Lure The Queen Bee?

How to lure the queen bee?


When the queen bee of the colony ages, loses, replaces a superior species, or organizes a new colony, it is necessary to attract the queen bee. Worker bees can recognize unfamiliar queen bees and will be attacked. Therefore, they must be safe to lure in queen bees. When replacing the queen bee, first remove the eliminated queen bee or the queen-free bee colony, destroy the royal terrace, and then lure the queen bee into the queen bee. It is best to give reward feeding to the trapped bee colony two days before attracting the queen bee, and do not rush to open the box for inspection after attracting the queen bee.

1. Indirect lure: Put the bee spleen with queen bee with some honey storage on it, put it into the full-frame trap, close the cover, and put it into the kingless group. After 3-4 days, sprinkle the trap. Can. In addition, you can also put the queen bee and several young bees into the safety trap, put it on the spleen where there is some honey, and pull out the bottom plate to buckle on the spleen. After 2-3 days, there will be no bees outside the trap. The queen bee can be released by feeding the bee.

2. Direct entry: In the evening during the large flow of honey, spray a little honey water on the queen bee, and slowly place it in front of the nest door or frame beam of the king-free group. It is also possible to raise two frames of bees from the kingless group to shake off in front of the nest, and place the queen bee among the bees to climb into the hive together.

3. Rescue of the encirclement king: The encirclement of the king is caused by the entrapment of the queen bee or other reasons. Observing from the outside of the box, the bees are in disorder and should be checked immediately. If there is a bee colony, the queen bee is surrounded. The bee swarm can be put into the water to force the bees to disperse and catch the queen bee for inspection. If there is no disability, a safety attractor can be used to lure in again. Otherwise, the queen bee will be eliminated.

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