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How To Get Pure Honey

November 18, 2021

Latest company news about How To Get Pure Honey

How To Get Pure Honey

  The honey shaker is used to get honey from the live frame, which is very convenient and easy to get started. In the mature period of honey flow, the honey storage status in the colony should be checked every 2 to 3 days. When Mifeng seals the pure honey room by 1/4, it indicates that the pure honey has been perfected and can take honey. In the work of collecting pure honey, there are three human factors and one working group, one lifts the spleen to shake off the honey, one cuts the pure honey roof, and the other shakes the honey. Lift out the pure honey spleen clearly, hold the ears of the nest frame with both hands, point it at the beehive, shake it twice, put the honeybee in the shaker box, and then use the brush to brush the honeybee on the spleen into the box. The spleen with the larvae is easy to shake the young nectar out. It is best not to shake the nectar. If necessary, the posture should be very cheerful, and the spleen should be sent to the nest box for heat preservation immediately to prevent cold death of the young bees. In the middle and late stages of the flow of honey, only a part of the honey spleen is drawn to shake, so that sufficient concentrate honey is left in the box. The pure honey shaken should be filtered to filter out the dead liquid paraffin debris and larvae. Pure honey is best placed in a ceramic tank or a stainless steel barrel coated with epoxy resin.
  Honey cutting is generally carried out at dusk. The left and right sides of the bee barrel are interoperable. You can remove the covering layer on the upper side of the bee barrel, and then use the same other barrel to cover the original bee barrel, and the uppermost mouth is covered with the original covering layer. Yan, the ignition smoke gradually smoked from the bottom of the original barrel, and continued to tap the original bee barrel to disturb the honey peak, so that the honey peak gradually entered from the original barrel to the previous bee barrel, and the honey peak was similar to that after it was finished. Leave which of the buckets above the honey peaks still in place. That way, the original honeycomb barrel can just start to harvest pure honey. Use pots and pots that can be heated to install the cut honeycombs. (Note that the honeycombs in the insect breeding area should not be damaged. In the original box, wear a bamboo mirror and fix it in place to nurture the honey peak), and wrap the honeycomb with sand cloth, and extrude it to form pure honey, which can be moderately warmed and beneficial to the filter. Okay, so you can get the simple and original authentic!

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