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Honey Processing Machine-Honey Filling Machine

November 30, 2021

Latest company news about Honey Processing Machine-Honey Filling Machine

Honey processing machine-honey filling machine


Product Application of the Small Honey Filling Machine:


This honey filling machine is not only suitable for honey filling,but also for water-like liquid,being non-corrosive,non-viscous, without solid particles filling. It can be widely used for filling water,beer,juice,wine.It is an ideal equipment for small batch filling or as a supplement to the automatic production line in factories.


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Product Features of the Small Honey Filling Machine:


1. Adopt a new medical quality design concept, and the materials in contact with liquid are in line with food medical quality.

2. The liquid delivery system adopts pure mechanical precision processing, which is durable and real materials.

3. Purchasing Japanese DC motors, with low noise and high efficiency.

4. The surface of the fuselage adopts baking paint treatment, and the high-end spraying process of the automobile manufacturing industry.

5. Self-developed microcomputer control system can realize real-time upgrade for customers to choose from.

6. There are many types of filling: suitable for filling all kinds of non-crystalline liquid honey below 43 Baume degrees and the ambient temperature is higher than 15℃.

7. Large filling weight range: suitable for various honey bottles (plastic, glass) from 100 to 5000 grams.

8. Suitable for various power sources: such as household electricity 220V, 110v, battery 12v, (110V needs to be customized).

9. The filling weight can be set at will: 100~5000 grams.

10. The machine comes with a permanent and daily counting function, you can check the filling times and total number of the equipment at any time.

11. Chinese and English display panels can be switched at will.

12. The equipment is portable (9KG) and equipped with a 12V battery (self-provided), which can realize field operations.Example: The 12 V 20A battery can be used for 2 to 3 hours in summer and 1 hour in winter.

13. High filling efficiency: 360 bottles per hour for 500g bottles, 240 bottles per hour for 1000g bottles, the highest accuracy is 1‰.


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