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WHAT TO Do Light The Smoker

July 14, 2021

Latest company news about WHAT TO Do Light The Smoker

WHAT TO Do Light The Smoker

- select an area away from your bees,wherethe smoker can be lit safely and not setfire to the surroundings
- check that the smoker nozzle on the lid,bellows outlet and inlet to the barrel arenot blocked. If they are blocked, use a
screwdriver or something similar to unblockthem
- hold your hand over the lid nozzle andpump the bellows a few times to makesure there is a good blast of air goingthrough the smoker
- tear up a sheet of old newspaper intoabout half a dozen shreds about 5 cmacross
- lightly scrunch the shreds into a loose balland light it
- drop the burning paper into the smokerbarrel
- gently puff the smoker using enough
pressure on the bellows to just maintain aflame on the newspaper
- continue to gently puff the bellows and addsmall quantities of smoker fuel to the topof the burning newspaper
- wait until the added fuel begins to burnbefore you add more fuel
- use the hive tool to stir the embers beforeyou add more fuel
-continue the process until the smokerbarrel is about half full

latest company news about WHAT TO Do Light The Smoker  0latest company news about WHAT TO Do Light The Smoker  1

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