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5·20 World Bee Day

May 24, 2021

Latest company news about 5·20 World Bee Day

5·20 World Bee Day


    On May 20th, Henan’s "5·20 World Bee Day" theme event was staged in Houhe Town, Changge City, Xuchang City.

The event was hosted by Henan Provincial Animal Husbandry General Station, Henan Apiculture Chamber of Commerce, and Henan Agricultural Society. Li Jianke, Director of Bee Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Chief Scientist of Bee Industry; Chen Hongke, Investigator of the Animal Husbandry Department of Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Sui Fugen, Head of Henan Animal Husbandry Station; Li Genlin, Secretary-General of Henan Agricultural Society; Deputy Head of Henan Animal Husbandry Station , Ji Jinqing, Secretary-General of the Provincial Bee Industry Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Zhongyin, Director of the Bee Research Institute of Henan University of Science and Technology, Xin Hongwei, Deputy Director of Xuchang Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and more than 200 leaders, experts, scholars, beekeepers, and bee product enthusiasts participated in this event activity.

At the event site, a bee breeding company-Xuchang Duotian Honey Bee Co., Ltd. jointly established Changge City Honey Bar Breeding Professional Cooperative in Zhifang Village, Shankong Village, and Xifanlou Village, innovating the rural revitalization model, and leading the villagers to seek a "sweet business" .

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    It is reported that the cooperative adopts a cooperative approach of "company + farmers" to establish an innovative rich peasant business model in which members use bee breeding, nectar crops, and "cooperative purchase + planting subsidies". During the event, the company signed a subsidy agreement for planting nectar crops with representatives of the three villages, and donated beehives, bees and other aquaculture production materials to members of the Miba Cultivation Cooperative.

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    [Quest] Henan's only western bee breeding apiary is here

How to revitalize the countryside "sweet development"? Xuchang is ingenious to build the bee industry.

In order to protect the germplasm resources of bees from the source and breed high-quality seed bees, in 2018, Xuchang Duotianmi Seed Bee Co., Ltd. purchased a variety of advanced instruments and equipment, hired beekeeping experts and professional technicians, and introduced high-quality original, northeast black bees. Three bee lines of bee and Carpathian bee were optimized for interspecies purification. After more than two years of research and exploration, some important results have been achieved in the field of seed bee breeding technology. In 2019, Xuchang Duotian Honey Bee Farm was recognized as a provincial-level West Bee Bee Farm, which is currently the only West Bee Bee Farm in Henan.

"The revitalization of the countryside is the responsibility of everyone. The sweet business is the common cause of the villagers. The cooperative aims at helping farmers and rich peasants. We believe that with joint efforts, we will make the revitalization of the countryside more'sweet' wings." The relevant person in charge of Seed Bee Co., Ltd. said.

[Data] The scale of bee products industry ranks first in Henan

Why did the "only" appear in Xuchang? Xuchang City is located in the hinterland of the Central Henan Plain, the Funiu Mountains in the west, and the transition zone from the Funiu Mountains to the Eastern Henan Plain. There are many flower sources and rich nectar plants here, which can provide a rich source of honey for the bee colony three seasons a year. There are a large number of enterprises and individuals engaged in beekeeping, beekeeping equipment production, and bee products purchase and sale processing in the country, and they have a complete industrial foundation. 

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    Xin Hongwei, deputy director of Xuchang Agriculture and Rural Bureau, told reporters that Xuchang's bee colony has exceeded 60,000, with 30 colonies having exceeded 2,000, and bee product production and service personnel have exceeded 40,000, and its industrial scale is already at the forefront of Henan Province. In particular, the purchase and processing of bee products and the design, development, production and sales of bee products in Changge City have an important national influence. Xuchang Beekeeping Association was established on May 19th. The association will gradually expand the beekeeping team, improve the level of organization, and enhance the overall competitiveness of Xuchang's beekeeping industry through continuous skill training and free transfer of beekeeping skills. The leapfrog development of the industry.

Looking at Henan, our province has become an important national bee breeding and bee product processing base, especially Changge City has become an important distribution center for national bee products, forming a pattern of buying the country and selling the world. According to incomplete statistics in 2020, the province's bee colony farming amount is nearly 900,000 boxes, and the honey output is 61,000 tons,accounting for about 13.7% of the country's total output. The province's apiculture output value is more than 5 billion yuan.

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