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240pcs/H SS Honey Bottling Machine For Filling Weighing

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA Henan
Brand Name: Multi-Sweet
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1sets
Packaging Details: 1pc/carton 41*41*26cm10kg
Delivery Time: 5-7 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram;Other
Supply Ability: 50+sets+5days
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Detail Information

Product Name: Honey Filling Machine Material: Stainless Steel
Driven Type: Electric Honey Filling Machine Automatic Grade: Semi-automatic
Usage: Filling Honey;weighing Honey Efficiency: 240 Bottles Per Hour For 1000g Bottles
High Light:

240pcs/H Honey Bottling Machine


Filling Weighing Honey Bottling Machine


SS Honey Bottling Machine

Product Description

240 Bottles Per Hour For 1000g Bottles Honey Bottle Filling Machine


Description of Honey Filling Machine

1. Adopt a new medical quality design concept, and the materials in contact with liquid are in line with food medical quality.

2. The liquid delivery system adopts pure mechanical precision processing, which is durable and real materials.
3. Purchasing Japanese DC motors, with low noise and high efficiency.
4. The surface of the fuselage adopts baking paint treatment, and the high-end spraying process of the automobile manufacturing industry.
5. Self-developed microcomputer control system can realize real-time upgrade for customers to choose from.
6. There are many types of filling: suitable for filling all kinds of non-crystalline liquid honey below 43 Baume degrees and the ambient temperature is higher than 15℃.

7. Large filling weight range: suitable for various honey bottles (plastic, glass) from 100 to 5000 grams.
8. Suitable for various power sources: such as household electricity 220V, 110v, battery 12v, (110v needs to be customized).

9. The filling weight can be set at will: 100~5000 grams.
10. The machine comes with a permanent and daily counting function, you can check the filling times and total number of the equipment at any time.

11. Chinese and English display panels can be switched at will.
12. The equipment is portable (9KG) and equipped with 12v battery (self-provided), which can realize field operations. Example: 12V20A battery can be used for 2~3 hours in summer and 1 hour in winter.
13. High filling efficiency: 360 bottles per hour for 500g bottles, 240 bottles per hour for 1000g bottles, the highest accuracy is 1‰.

Parameters of Honey Filiing Machine



Product Name


Honey Filling Machine
Material Stainless steel
Power 110-220V







Pictures of Honey Filtering Machine


1. Weight shortcut keys: M1 (500g) M2 (1000g) M3 (2500g) M4 (5000g).

2 Peeling: Press "Peeling" the filling machine's "real-time" weight reading will be zero.
3. Setting: After pressing the "setting" key, the number in the "filling" column of the display screen flashes. After entering the number to be set, the cursor stops flashing when the "setting key" is pressed, and the filling weight is set at this time. Definitely complete. The number on the filling bar is displayed as the set weight.
Note: Due to the different viscosity of honey, the system will not be able to accurately flow out the set weight value of honey. It is recommended to do the "calibration" work when filling the first few bottles, and set the estimated weight first when setting the weight The weight value is set to be too small. For example: it is estimated to set 1000 grams, you can set 950 grams first, start the equipment, after the filling is completed, get another electronic scale to weigh the error, and then press "Set" "Button to compensate the error value, which will make the weight of each next bottle more accurate. "Manual mode" and "Automatic mode" are the same as above!
4. Trigger: After pressing the "trigger" key, the number in the "trigger" column of the display screen will flash, enter the number 5~15 grams less than the empty bottle weight into the flashing cursor column, and the cursor will stop flashing when you press the "trigger" button At this time, the trigger value setting is completed.
Note: Due to the different sizes of honey bottles, if the trigger value is not set perfectly, the device will not start working! Setting range example: the empty bottle weight is 20 grams, the trigger value is set to 15 grams, and the empty bottle weight is 50 grams. Set 40 grams, the empty bottle weight is 240 grams, and the trigger value is set to 225 grams. Do not set the trigger value to be too small or too large for the bottle weight, and the trigger value cannot be greater than the weight of the filled liquid.

5. Cleaning: Press the "clean" button and the equipment is reversed, and the honey in the pipeline is pumped back into the honey bucket.
Note: After the honey is pumped back, in order to avoid waste, please let the remaining honey in the tube wall flow clean. Then add a certain amount of clean water to the container ((bucket, basin), put the liquid inlet into the container, and put the liquid inlet into the container after the liquid inlet is removed. After switching the "manual mode", click the stainless steel start button to clean .(See the video tutorial on page 7 for details)
6. Automatic mode: Press the Tai Chi pattern to switch to "automatic mode".
Steps: After the machine has set the filling weight, just put the bottle on the tray, and the machine will sound a "drop" alarm. The system will automatically tare the bottle, and the display will reset the weight figure in real time, and the machine will automatically start filling to the set weight value. At this time, the machine will sound a “drop” alarm and the filling is complete. The “real-time” weight is the net weight of the honey. After the bottle is taken off the filling, the machine will sound a “drop” alarm, and the real-time “weight” of the display will be cleared to zero. Then put in the next empty bottle. Repeat the above operation.
Note: After taking down the filled bottle, the machine will sound a "drop" alarm and then put down an empty bottle, otherwise the machine will not start. 7. Manual mode: Press the Tai Chi pattern to switch to "manual mode".
Note: "Manual mode" is mainly used when there is a certain amount of honey in the bottle and the weight of the honey is unknown. Example: A bottle with a volume of 1000 grams, the weight of the bottle is 26 grams. There is half a bottle of honey of unknown weight in the bottle. At this time, click the "Set" button to set the weight to 1026 grams. Put half a bottle of unknown weight on the tray and click the "stainless steel start button", then the machine will fill the bottle to 1000 grams of honey


240pcs/H SS Honey Bottling Machine For Filling Weighing 0

240pcs/H SS Honey Bottling Machine For Filling Weighing 1
240pcs/H SS Honey Bottling Machine For Filling Weighing 2



1. Professional sales team
-To learn clients' need patiently
-Offering suitable method according to clients' need
-To answer clients' doubt with 100% patience

2. Professional after-sale team
-Keeping in touch with clients in order to let clients know every details during the transportation
-Offering technical support throughout whole transaction
-Answering occurring question during transaction positively.


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Q: Are you factory?
A: Yes ,our factory is in China biggest beekeeping supply area.

Q: Does your beekeeping equipment in good quality?
A: Yes,our product is very popular is Eruope, Africa, Asia and so on.

Q: What’s your payment terms about beehive frame?
A: We accept T/T, L/C, Western Union and so on.

Q: What’s your shipping way?
A : By sea, by air, or via DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS etc.(We'll choose the most suitable way and lowest delivery cost for you.)


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