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Precautions For Extracting Honey

August 2, 2021

Latest company news about Precautions For Extracting Honey

Precautions For Extracting Honey

- take the supers of honeycomb to where the honey is to be extracted
- if there is a threat of rain. Cover all superswith waterproof covering
- keep the supers covered, top and bottom,so that they are not contaminated withdust or other materials and to prevent beesrobbing the honey
- place the board across the opening of thebucket so that you can rest the frame on it
- hold the frame vertically over the bucket
- cut or scratch the wax cappings from the
surface of the comb. See figure 42a. Paceuncapped frames on a draining board until
you are ready to extract them
place the frame in the extractor; top bar ofthe frame in the opposite direction to the
intended spin of the extractor. Most smallextractors hold two frames, but extractorswith a larger capacity are available
when the extractor has its capacity offrames, whirl it around according to themanufacturer's instructions. This is whereyou can use a helper
extract both sides of each frame
collect the honey in the bucket placed forthe purpose
place extracted frames back on their ownhives for cleaning and re-use. Frames canbe stored sticky
if you store extracted frames place them ina freezer or cold room or use chemicals toprotect them against wax moth, small hivebeetle, mice and ants.

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